Robert A Clemens Sportsmanship Award School Vote

Westchester County Baseball Umpires Association
Robert A Clemens Sportsmanship Award

Purpose - The WCBUA will recognize a school in our coverage area. The recognized school and its baseball program modified, Freshman, JV and Varsity will be honored for exhibiting the following qualities that we the WCBUA feel best reflect that qualities of good sportsmanship. These qualities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Playing with positive energy and enthusiasm
2. Showing pride in their effort individually and as a team
3. No trash talking
4. Winning with class
5. Losing gracefully
6. Respecting the game and everyone's contributions
7. Be Humble, take success in stride, sharing the credit
8. Above all competing skillfully, guided by the letterand spirit of the rules.

Vote for one school

Must select game level

Based on the above criteria what did the school do to merit your consideration?

Write reason why